Heavenly Father, Thank you for your Son Jesus. Jesus, I believe, you died on the cross for me, a sinner. Heavenly Father and Son Jesus, I repent, please send the comforter, The Holy Spirit, to come and live inside me, change my heart, my mind, my soul, and help me be a new creation. Amen

Now that you have accepted Yahshua as your Savior, Read the Bible every day and every opportunity listen to his word, because the truth that will now be revealed to you, will amazed you and keep you desiring more. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT NOW THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY GHOST LIVE IN YOU AND YOU IN THEM. HALLELUJAH – READ IT as a witness to your new life! Congratulations and welcome to the Kingdom. Here is another secret “The Kingdom of God (YAH) is within you” HalleluYah!